PU Markets and Marketing in The UK Market Investment Essay


The piece of work adopts a report format, hence you are encouraged to divide your work into sections so the structure of the report can be easily understood.
You are encouraged to use graphical and/or tables to display any information you are presenting, using your word count to describe and interpret what the data means in terms of the report.


AgavEnergy is a (fictitious) organisation based in Chicago, US specialising in the manufacture and sale of AgavEnergy, a sugar-based energy drink which makes use of the Agave plant as a unique selling position. This ingredient is widely sourced from a partner organisation in the Canary Islands. The organisation has a strong foothold in US, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands and have recently opened a small UK office based in Bristol. They currently have a 0.5% UK market share of the category, gained mainly through distribution (with very little marketing). The organisation is deciding whether to invest strategically in developing the UK market place.

Your task: You are the strategic marketing team at AgavEnergy. The CEO has asked you to advise them on whether the company should invest in the UK or to seek other markets for future growth. You are expected to give a recommendation based on your considerations of the environmental forces, which may affect the UK over the next 3 years. (Note: you are only required to give a view on the UK market investment, NOT on any alternative market).

Draw from academic texts, academic papers, case studies, business examples, consumer data, market data (e.g. Mintel reports and market reports), or any other reliable sources which you think are relevant. Marks will be awarded by how well you have used the tools rather than the number of tools you have used. Explain any assumptions you have made and explain why you have made them (based on logic/insight/texts/etc).

Prepare a detailed document which will feed into this strategy team for detailed analysis. This document will support the conclusions you have given in the presentation but will include the detail on why you came to these recommendations.

Your report will be assessed against the following criteria:
1) The extent to which your report addresses all aspects of the brief.
2) The quality and range of resources used to sense and analyse the UK market place in the context of the organisation’s product.
3) The quality of the analysis undertaken and the use of that analysis to produce reasoned and justified evaluations and recommendations.
4) The selection/relevance of the analytical frameworks undertaken
5) Structure of the report: clarity of written English, grammar, correct referencing, general neatness of presentation

3000 words (excluding references, tables, graphs)

Please use the Harvard referencing system if possible

The presentation below has some ideas that you may want to use

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