PRST University of Missouri Columbia Outdoor Recreation Zipline Paper

This week, you will post 1 to 3 photos within 1 post to your Instagram profile that highlight EITHER a contemporary outdoor recreation topic OR a contemporary urban park and recreation topic that you are passionate about.

These images can be a mix of your own original photography or a reposted photo from another account with an original caption written by you. Remember to properly give credit for non-original images posted; otherwise, it is plagiarism.

Frame your post so that it:

  • Introduces the recreation issue of your choice (either outdoor recreation or urban park and recreation).
  • Clearly shows/explains why this topic or issue is important.
  • Provides a “Call to Action” for your audience. A “Call to Action” (or CTA) is simply a motivation to your reader to interact with your content is some way, whether it is to like, share or comment, or click through to read a blog post. An outdoor recreation professional or organization might use a CTA for fundraising purposes, as a call for volunteers, or to encourage people to sign a petition in support of an environmental protection bill. Include a clear and strong CTA in your caption.

You are trying to engage your audience by educating them on this outdoor recreation issue and encouraging them to engage with your post.

It is not enough to say for instance that littering or that climate change is bad; or to discuss the newest National Park designation. You need to talk about your chosen topic or issue in terms of how it is impacting recreation activities, challenging land management policies, or some other lens that directly ties to either outdoor or urban park and recreation. Remember, this is praxis, combine the theory and the practice!

This assignment will be graded on:

  • Uploaded photo(s) highlighting your chosen outdoor or urban park and recreation topic/issue (1pt)
  • Appropriateness of each photo to capture your chosen outdoor or urban park and recreation topic/issue with proper photo credits listed (3pts)
  • Having a caption for the post that relates to the content of each photo while also speaking to your intended audience (e.g., the public interested in outdoor recreation) and a strong CTA (3pts)
  • Proper spelling and grammar within your captions along with relevant hashtags for your audience and field including hashtag: #module4 (3pts)

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