[SOLVED] Prevention or rehabilitation

prevention or rehabilitation 12 point font, times new roman, double spaced, 1 in margins, ONLY a title and your name (nothing else), no title page. Citations in APA format please. PDF, doc, or docx files only please
The paper should be 7-9 FULL pages in length. The reference page does not count towards the page count.
Please make sure that you are including both specific examples from the book (with page numbers) as well as external SCHOLARLY ARTICLES from our library databases. You will NOT earn full credit if you include articles that are not peer reviewed/scholarly articles. Please check with me if you are unsure if what you are including is scholarly. You need to properly cite your references APA style please. You do NOT need to cite the book since this is the topic of the paper, you can if you would like to get into the habit, but you are not required. Please do include the page number of the references you include in the paper though. Please make sure you are including both an in text citation as well as the full citation on a reference page at the end. Only 1 scholarly source is required. Please feel free to include other sources but you need at least 1 peer reviewed scholarly article.
Your prompt is the following: This book highlights many of the injustices that are casted onto a community of folks that in many cases are trying to improve their lives. I want to know what are things that collectively as a community we could accomplish that could change the outcome of these individuals lives. This can be related to prevention or rehabilitation, or both. You can go any direction with this and encourage you to be creative. Please include research to support your arguments and claims. Please give detailed and specific examples of stories and how their lives could have been different or can be different if we take action. That action is whatever you want it to be but please be prepared to explain how your example would make a positive impact on that persons life.

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