[SOLVED] Prepare a report

Prepare a report of the necessary information in order to create a successful occasion. This includes but not limited to event type, location, logistics, audience and other information to complete a full report. The project is an imaginary event that will consist of the following: This event will take place on Dale Mabry Campus at the Culinary Dept.
There will be a movie (Ratatouille) and a dinner. The event will be outside the Culinary dept on the Dale Mabry Campus.
please use Times New Roman style and font at 12 pt. and double space
In this section you will answer the following questions:
Please explain in two paragraphs:
A) What type of function this is? Please give suggestions for the name of the event. Please watch (if just the trailer) the movie Ratatouille.  This will give you more insights when suggesting things.
Who are the attendees who are invited?
How did you select the guests and how could you communicate with them from the start?
B) Develop and show a budget for the meeting/convention and explain the cost of tickets, will there be booths to rent for vendor? WHAT VENDORS CAN YOU INVITE?
Please be sure to add the cost of the dinner per guest.
C) explain in one paragraph – Develop seating arrangements. Propose serving ideas for Covid 19 protocol.
D) Please develop an invitation letter for the attendees and advertising suggestion for the event
E) Go online and research the facilities (PLACE A MAP OF THE FACILITY) meeting in. Write explaining in one paragraph: the place that the event will be in.
F) Please design the meeting: the meeting space’s chairs and tables usage. Will you use technology to help the attendees to navigate through the event? Do plan to have a website for the event? Explain how the guest will be received when arriving at the event of conference.
G) Describe how the food vendors will be arranged. Explain if there will guest speakers and the scheduling of each speaker.
H) Create a schedule of a MC speaker and least 2 speakers over a one-day event. Be sure to add the topic of their lectures and describe the staging area for the speakers. Will there be electronic or printed material? Would you include the vendors on the schedule for advertising their products and services?
In two paragraphs
A) Describe how you will handle security for the event and give examples.
Please describe how will handle issues that may arise during the event, such as, movie does not show, the vendors wanted electricity and there was none supplied. give examples of possible situations.
B) Describe parking and transportation needs for the attendees.
C) How will you communicate with your team in the event? How will you interact with the facility’s management?
D) Describe the closing of the event. Are there recyclable trash bins? Do have a way of knowing who has visited the meeting or event? Explain how you would start to close an event with speaker or other final thoughts for the guest.
please answer the following questions:
please explain the follow-up procedures after the meeting has taken place.
A) Explain how you would thank everybody for attending. Emails? Cards? telephone?
B) Describe on how you would follow-up with your guests, and would you try to re-schedule them for another event? Describe how you would communicate with the vendors that work the event. Would you thank them and go over if they were successful?
A) Explain your thoughts on how the event went.
B) Was it successful?
C) Would you do the scheduling different?
D) Was the location the best or would you try something different next time?
E) Explain if the attendees could have been more inter-active with the event? Could have you used more technology?
When finished with project, please submit to Canvas.
please use Times New Roman style and font at 12 pt. and double space Prepare a report Prepare a report Prepare a report

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