Practice Locating and Citing Sources Report

Assignment 1: Peer Response Posts: For this assignment, you must post two responses to two posts from the discussion board. (Every person can receive no more than two peer reviews so do not review a draft that already has two reviews.) Each of these posts should be about 200 words long. (total of two posts) (don’t write more than 200 words for each) 

Good responses will be substantial in content and meaning, moving beyond a simple agreement or disagreement with a previous response. General ideas will be explained, using detailed examples from the text where appropriate. Responses will also be well written and thoughts will be presented in an organized, clear manner. I will upload the posts that you have to respond to them.

Assignment 2: To prepare for your group Annotated Bibliography research project, you will practice finding and evaluating a variety of sources on your own. First, watch the KU Libraries tutorials on how to search the library catalogue and academic databases (here). Then, find the sources listed in the attached document and provide an MLA bibliographic citation for each of the sources, being specific about where exactly you found the source. MLA guidelines for citation can be found here. Lastly, evaluate these sources in terms of relevance, currency, accuracy, reliability, and authority. You could use the attached guidelines to evaluate websites.

Assignment 3: In your groups, you will collectively find 6-8 sources that extend our conversation on a topic about some aspect of media studies. Your topic should connect in some way with the conversation started by our readings (media and gender or the educational benefits/drawbacks of media); your group should refine your topic narrowly enough that you can find sources that will be speaking more or less directly to each other. All of the sources will be on the topic determined by the group.

These sources can be from anywhere, but they should all contribute substantively to your knowledge of the topic, and at least 8 of the sources should be from academic journals. Each group member should find at least 2 sources to contribute to the group’s total.

Once you have selected your sources, work together to annotate them based on the attached guidelines. Keep in mind that an annotation is not simply a summary, but should give an indication of what you think is most important about the source for your purposes. These annotations should be developed collectively; that is, each member should not just write the annotation for their own sources—everyone should know enough about each source that they can contribute to the group’s annotation.

You should build a single bibliography together. Use platforms like google docs (whichever is convenient for you) to allow all the group members to access/revise the document. The whole group will be responsible for making sure the bibliography follows the conventions of MLA citation, and that the annotations are substantive and useful. To that end, each person should be familiar enough with all of the sources in the bibliography to be able to contribute to the annotations.

or assignment 1: response to this 2 post

Post 1: Gender is an extremely difficult subject to dispute currently. It is crucial that it does get talked about on an educated platform rather than media. Media is dangerous because people can pick and choose to see what they want to see. People can have their own beliefs elevated and never truly hear or listen to the other side. I think authors are prompted to discuss gender and media because of how relevant it is to our times. One major issue with gender rights and equality is gender vs religion. People who are actively practicing certain religions would argue that there are two genders, and that man shall be with woman and vise versa. Those who are pro-non-binary options argue they should be able to love anyone they choose, while also picking whatever gender or title they choose as well. As a Christian, I see that if I say those other options are a sin, I am condemned for hate speech. However, that is what my God has declared, so those who say I can not side with my religion are creating this hypocrisy. The problem is that I am labeled as homophobic, which I understand, but I see their views are anti-religious. Gender is a tough topic. Not everyone will be satisfied. Problems lie outside of religion. Male privilege, homophobic individuals, and non-binary gender options are a few of the present issues today. How do we create laws to satisfy the general public and minorities? What is morally right? How far can we ask people to compromise? I do not know.

post 2: I can honestly say that I have never once analyzed a Disney movie for things like gender roles. Maybe its because by the time I could finally understand their plots I was being exposed to all Disney movies that had both male and female roles and I was just watching them for entertainment. The article “Post-Princess Models of Genders” got me to think a little bit about the controversy and I think the dispute is that we see the same repetitiveness in Disney movies because they have a love-involved story line that starts with a problem for the main character and ends in some sort of love happening between characters. I truthfully don’t really see Disney movies as emasculating for the alpha male role, but I also am not looking for that kind of thing while I watch them. I have read so many conspiracies and theories on Disney movies that I can’t keep up. I feel like authors write about topics like this is to get people to look deeper into the plots of the movies and to see things that they didn’t see before. Because I do think that there are a lot of underlying messages that we don’t pick up on right away.…………

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