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Marketing and Marketing Strategy

Case Assignment

Select TWO products which you have recently bought or rented, ONE a High Involvement purchase, and ONE a Low Involvement purchase, in the following product categories:

HIGH INVOLVEMENT (expensive or otherwise important): Examples:

  • Automobile,
  • Home or apartment,
  • Jewelry

LOW INVOLVEMENT (relatively inexpensive or routine):

  • Candy bar
  • Fast food
  • Newspaper or magazine

Excluding the title page, any appendices or references write a four page paper in which you do the following:

First Page

Applying the teaching materials, explain why the first product you chose was a High Involvement purchase and why the second was a Low Involvement purchase. (10%)

Using the five stage model of the Purchase Decision Process in the model of consumer buying behavior described in Module 1, describe in detail the process you went through in buying each product. Bear in mind that the purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate the depth of your understanding of the teaching materials. (20%)

Second Page

Identify and discuss the differences between the way you went through the purchase decision processes for the two products. (20%)

Third and Fourth Pages

Assume now that you are a marketer of both of the two products that you have discussed in the previous pages. Applying only the teaching materials, (specifically the presentation “Uses of a Model of Buying Behavior”), explain how you might use your understanding of the Model of Consumer Buying Behavior for the two products. (Note that the presentation “Uses of a Model of Consumer Buying Behavior” is relevant to this part of the assignment). (50%)

List at the end all of the references you have cited in the body of the paper.

Note that the weight that will be assigned in grading to each of the sections of the assignment is indicated as a percentage after each one.

Ensure that you include on the title page:

  • the name of the university, (Trident University International).
  • the course number, (MKT301),
  • the term, (Winter 2012),
  • the Module number, (Module One),
  • the words in bold above including both the two sets of high and low involvement products and the section starting “First Page” and ending “…of the assignment.”
  • the brand names of the two products you chose for each type of involvement, e.g. “High Involvement: Samsonite luggage; Low Involvement: Del Monte canned fruit
  • your name,
  • the name of the professor or instructor to whom the paper is submitted, (your assigned Professor or Instructor) and
  • the date on which it was written.


Assignment Expectations

The notes associated with the question indicate that, as for other assignments in the course, you should demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the taught materials in the specific context of this assignment. The emphasis in my grading is primarily on whether you show that you understand what is being taught. In that regard some relevant concepts and frameworks to demonstrate your understanding of in this assignment include:

  • The difference between goods and services.
  • What is meant by Involvement and why it might be high or low.
  • The stages of the Purchase Decision Process, (PDP) and
  • How a potential buyer might follow this process
  • How the differences between High and Low Involvement affect the way someone might follow the PDP
  • How marketers might use their understanding of the model of buying behavior including the PDP to:
    • Segment a market, including explaining what is meant by segmentation and why segmentation can be useful in marketing.
    • Influence purchase probabilities as indicated in the relevant presentation.

Bear in mind that the main goal of the assignment is for you to use it to demonstrate your learning and understanding of the background materials. In order to do well in this assignment you MUST apply and demonstrate your learning from the background materials.

I know that there’s a lot in Module 1 to cover, but this forms the grounding for the remaining modules, so once you have conquered this, the rest will be a lot easier.

Rev. March 7, 2013

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