PHE 610 SNHU Public Health Advocacy Coalition Business Plan Paper

 Part C—Financial and Resources Management Plan: A financial resources management plan focuses on the program “inputs” (i.e., think in terms of a
logic model). Also, as a reminder, there are various types of inputs for a logic model—including: (1) Human Resources: time available from public health
workers, managers, and volunteers—may include time for decision making, technical assistance, and trainings by experts in the field; (2) Financial
Resources: money generated from a variety of sources, including grants, gifts, sales of goods or services, and donations; (3) Community Resources: any
resource a community can provide, such as a community center to host public health programs or a community newsletter that can market a public
health program; and/or (4) Material Resources: any tangible materials needed to implement a program (e.g., jump ropes for a physical activity program)
and for program management (e.g., computers to prepare reports). Therefore, a financial resources management plan for public health programs would
reflect these logic model “inputs.”
o C.1—Projected Staffing and Justification (three years): Provide a three-year forecast of the staffing needs for the program. Categorize each
role/position as (1) leadership; (2) staff; or (3) other—offering summative totals for each year. Explain this three-year staffing budget in one to
two paragraphs (i.e., the justification). [PHE-610-03]
o C.2—Projected Budget (three years): Forecast the program’s budget over a three-year period. Make certain that the budget includes the
following components:
 An itemized list (and subtotal) of revenue and support with explanation/justification (one to two paragraphs);
 An itemized list (and subtotal) of expenditures, including
 Direct costs with explanation/justification (one to two paragraphs);
 Indirect costs with explanation/justification (one to two paragraphs);
 The budget balance sheet/card with explanation/justification (one to two paragraphs). [PHE-610-03]
o C.3—Program Projections (five years): Forecast the program’s potential budgetary needs over a five-year period. Your forecast should first
contain a baseline scenario (i.e., the plan you have formed in previous steps using the template). However, you will learn (through practicing
public health) that the implementation of any program rarely, if ever, goes according to the predetermined plan. There are always unforeseen
variables or changes in certain contexts—such as those that are political, economic, social, technical, legal, and ecological (PESTLE). Therefore,
you will forecast two additional scenarios. Specifically, you will forecast a best-case scenario (which may offer optimal or most-efficient use of
resources) and a worst-case scenario (which may provide additional challenges or strains on the budget). Show what these scenarios look like in
terms of funding needs across a five-year period. Finalize your forecast with an explanation/justification (one to two paragraphs) for these
scenarios. [PHE-610-03]

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