Personal View Relevance of Innovation Essay

Relevance of Innovation: A Personal View

Consider business innovation in the context of the “Three D’s” discussed in class — Discovery, followed by Development, followed in turn by Deployment. In the broadest sense this could be described as turning new ideas into successfully implemented applications that have staying power. A common viewpoint is that every organization, whether profit seeking or not, can benefit from at least a modest level of business innovation. Is this true in your organization? (Or in an organization that you have been associated with in the past, or other organization in an industry of interest to you?) In what areas, specifically, would a greater level of innovation be of value? Cite some specific Ideas that might be involved, and some associated Improvement and Implementation activities and challenges. How would this lead to a higher level of organizational performance? Is it clear that the benefit would outweigh the cost?

On the other hand, it may well be that innovation is not of universal relevance. Your organization may have a tightly prescribed function which it must perform without deviation, or innovation may involve such complexity and cost that it would simply not be feasible to accomplish. If you feel that innovation is not all that relevant to your organization, or that only trivial levels of innovation could be accomplished at reasonable costs of time and funds in your organization, then discuss why that is so. Do you feel the inability to accomplish innovation leaves your organization less able to compete with its natural competitor organizations? Could some practical change in organizational mission, posture or management decision-making change this? Would such a change be desirable?

There is no right or wrong set of answers here. I’m interested in your sense of your organization’s potential regarding innovation. Please write 400-500 words on this topic. This assignment is due for upload to Blackboard according to the schedule detailed in the Syllabus. Please submit your writeups only as Word (doc/docx) files

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