PERSONAL THEORY APPLICATION: In order to determine your ability to understand and apply the various career theories, you will be asked to write a paper that interprets your own career development in terms of three (3) of the career theories that we have studied. Appendix A below will outline the theories that you can choose from and present the required core concepts that you need to address to receive full credit for your interpretation. A couple of important details to follow:
Treat this assignment as if it were part case study, part journal. I am asking you to be reflective on life events and personality and their influence on your career choice.
Assume I already know the details of the theories. No need to reiterate the theory for me but be sure to make it clear in the paper what part of the core concept you are addressing. Topic sentences are a good idea or section headings.
Use the Core Concepts below to ensure that you are hitting ALL OF THE NECESSARY DETAILS of the theories that you have chosen.
The length of the paper will depend on your ability to express the connections between your background and the theory. That said, the paper will probably be 5-6 pages or more.
(influence on my career choice was that one of my best friends killed himself in our first year of college. so i would love to be able to help others, especially at that age)
Theory Application Paper Core Concepts ( Due March 2)
Below is an outline of the core concepts that must be addressed in the assigned theory application paper. Follow the outline and be sure to address each point for full credit. Also, be sure to provide enough evidence to show understanding of the concept. For example, it is not enough to say that you believe that you are “career mature”; you must provide evidence that addresses each of the aspects of career maturity.
Choose 3 of the following theory areas:
Theory Area 1: Trait-factor Theories (this includes Holland and Theory of Work Adjustment (TWA) as ONE theory area of the three theory areas that you can choose)
Holland’s theory is a descriptive theory.  Use Holland’s theory to describe yourself. Be sure to address and include evidence of the following:
Your Modal Personality Style (Holland Code) with evidence
Is your career choice congruent with your modal personality? Why or why not?
Is your modal personality differentiated or undifferentiated? Why?
Do you have a sense of identity as defined by Holland? Why or why not?
Provide details for each part of the TWA equation (Needs of the individual + Needs of the employer) that explain why your choice of career is a good match for you.
List at least 5 satisfiers/reinforcements that you will be looking for in the career. Explain the significance of these reinforcers.
List the requirements of the occupation that you have selected.
What are 2-3 other careers you had considered in the past and what are the requirements of those careers.
Explain how by studying your career requirements and studying the requirements of the chosen occupation you have determined which career was the best fit.
Theory Area 2: Developmental Theory: Super
Describe the development of your vocational self-concept
What are 3 major roles that you play and how have these roles shaped your self-concept (remember that roles are developed in context e.g., family, community, and the world)
Explain how EACH OF THE FOLLOWING, the economy, society, the labor market, community, school, your family and your peer group influenced your career choice. Each of these has a bearing on your career choice however minimal – the only wrong answer is to leave one of these influences out of your answer or say that there is no influence.
What Super developmental stage are you currently navigating? Name the stage (and developmental task, if appropriate) and provide evidence
Determine whether you think that you are career mature according to Super. Examine each of the 5 behaviors/attitudes defining Super’s career maturity and discuss how you do or do not exhibit/practice these concepts. Use behavioral examples.
Theory Area 3: Developmental Theory: Gottfredson
Explain the expression of gender roles in the family system in which you grew up. What were the assumptions of “gender appropriate” work?
Explain the idea of prestige in the family system in which you grew up. What were the assumptions of socially acceptable or prestigious work?
How have your views of gender and socially acceptable work changed or stayed the same in relation to your family system?
Name 3 careers that existed in your Zone of Acceptable Alternatives and how you determined the circumscribed boundaries of your Zone. Explain the criteria that you used in the process of compromise. Are you pursuing the occupation that was the highest on your list? Why or why not? What 1 occupation was highly desired but left out of your Zone? Explain.
What parts of your self-image are being expressed in the occupation that you have chosen?
Theory Area 4:  Social Cognitive Theory
Describe yourself in terms of SCCT’s 3 keys to successful career choice and development:
Self-efficacy: Describe your sense of self-efficacy; Be sure to write about your self-efficacy in terms of:
Personal performance accomplishments;
Vicarious learning;
Social persuasion;
Physiological states and reactions.
What are your outcome expectations and how were they developed?
What personal goals do you have and how do these drive your behaviors and choices?
What are 3 important values that you have related to your choice of career? Identify how you developed these values and how they have shaped your career choice.
Theory Area 5: Learning Theory of Career Counseling and Happenstance Approach
Explain your career choice in terms of Learning Theory’s 4 factors.
Provide evidence for the instrumental and associative learning that you experienced and that influenced your career choice? Be sure to identify whether the experiences were direct or vicarious
Explain if there were any happenstance instances that influenced your career choice
Identify the 5 critical skills for handling happenstance events. Provide evidence for your ability to handle happenstance events according to the 5 critical skills outlined by Krumboltz:
Risk Taking
What skills need better development? Why?
Explain the activities in which you engage that may invite planned happenstance events related to your career choice? If you do not currently engage in these activities, provide some practical examples of things you might do in the future to invite happenstance events. PERSONAL THEORY APPLICATION PERSONAL THEORY APPLICATION PERSONAL THEORY APPLICATION

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