Peer Review Journal Paper Overview of assignment due 17 April 2014

Peer Review Journal Paper Overview of assignment due 17 April 2014 I want you to find a peer review article that falls into our time frame: world history from the emergence of humanity to 1500 CE. I want you to present the thesis [argument] the author is putting forward. I want you then to find two other sources on the same subject and determine if those sources agree or disagree with your original source. The theme here is peer review and the notion of historiography; whether or not how we look at an event or theme of history changes over time? The choice of topic is up to you but please let me know what you are doing by email and let me know what your peer review source is so I can be sure it is appropriate for the course. If you want some help in finding an article; please let me or a librarian know what you might be interested in. I really need to know what your article is before you start so you have something good to start with and send me a link to your article, so that I can approve it.

1. Find a peer review article on some aspect of history associated with this course.

2. Explain the thesis that author is putting forth.

3. Find two secondary sources, they need not be peer review which relate to the main article you are presenting. Do these sources compliment or contrast the thesis being put forth by the original author?

4. Leave some time & space at the end to present your perspective and opinion on the thesis as well.

5. 5-7 pages; typed doubled spaced standard borders & fonts. Please use citation; APA, MLA, Chicago are all acceptable.



The requirement of the paper starts at the middle of the 3rd page that I attached here.

We can discuss more later.

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