Packback week 2


 Week 2: Cases in Systems Engineering textbook reading or Rich-Con case 

  1. submit your own original question and
  2. submit a response to TWO other questions posed that week by your classmates

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If your curiosity score is less than 80, just click on the “options” tab and edit your submission until you get it to an 80 or higher.

                                       Post of classmates to respond

Post 1:  

Would Rich-Con of been more successful if employees had proper training?

In the Rich-Con case Marty mentions that during implementation process that she was unhappy with the training resources provided but does not take any actions to address the issue. Also, longtime employee, Donna Ehlers, mentioned that they were not trained and that as soon as the system went live that the nothing went well. They had issues with order entries, operations, accounts receivable, and all other departments. This should have been an instant sign that this system was not ready to go live.

In the WorkFlow Max article, it discussed the importance of properly trained staff when implementing new software. Some of the key reasons for this include:

·       Staffing training contributes to employee engagement

·       Staff training adds to your bottom line

·       Staff training will illuminate the full capabilities of your new software

·       Staff training gives the opportunity for customized learning

Of these reasons, I believe that staff training relates the most to Rich-Con. Since there employee were not properly trained there were numerous mistakes made once the system went live. These mistakes ended up causing Rich-Con to develop a major crisis and putting Marty in the position of making some hard decision for the company. 

Post 2 to respond:  

Would the new system for Rich-Con been more successful with a dedicated project manager?

Importance of Having a Project Manager

Project management is key to implementing or integrating new systems within a company. Responsibility resides with the project manager and personnel know exactly who to contact with questions. Project managers serve many purposes. They are involved through all steps of the project. Ten key characteristics are shown in the list below.

  1. Strategic Alignment
  2. Leadership
  3. Clear Focus and Objectives
  4. Realistic Project Planning
  5. Quality Control
  6. Risk Management
  7. Orderly Process
  8. Continuous Oversight
  9. Subject Expertise
  10. Managing and Learning from Success and Failure

Several of the characteristics listed above were not evident in the Rich-Con case. There was no true subject-matter expert, quality control, or orderly process. How would the implementation looked different with an orderly process? Would there have been customer issues with more quality control? Several basic project management steps appeared to be skipped.

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