outline and thesis 1

Your initial thesis and outline for your course project paper are due this module. Prepare a 1-2 page document containing you thesis and outline. Your outline will be the skeleton from which you will write your project. Your outline should contain an idea for your introduction, thesis, and at least two sections of a body comprised of a discussion on the technology advances. You may use any standard outline format. An idea for a conclusion should come at the end.


Topic is as follows




Specialist of health care has taken a sense of urgency to minimize medical error as an outcome of their care they are offering. Gynecologists and obstetricians have helped them heighten vigilance as it relates to the medication used for procedures when looking after both fetus and pregnant women. Also providing care to the post productive females with potential for comorbidities increase. The increase in medication safety due to technology advancement has help to minimize errors, and more essentially, created the consciousness critical to offering safe care. Two technology-based strategies particular to gynecologists-obstetrician who directly engages in prescribing and ordering of medications involve electronic prescribing and computerized physician order entry.
            Electronic prescribing refers to the ability of prescriber to send electronically understandable, error-free and an accurate prescription straight to a pharmacy from the point of care. This method contributes into client safety by minimizing the chances that improper dosages or illegal prescriptions are written accidentally. Also, direct transmission of prescription can minimize dispensing errors and result to improved safety and also reduce the number of phone calls requesting for clarification from pharmacists.
            Computerized physician order entry systems are necessary during the transcription and ordering processes. Errors sometimes can occur if physicians overrule relevant and critical system alerts. Both electronic prescribing and computerized physician order entry are written with a critical safety features that gives alerts to prescribers about allergy, disease or drug contraindications to a correct medication before it is prescribed and clinical decision support systems.

Technology has had an improvement of medical care in obstetrics first by administering per calm obstetrical monitoring that aids mothers and infants by checking the heart rate and contractions during labor. Technology has had an improvement by recording patient’s checkups for easing communication of the patients and physicians follow-up by using Electronic medical records. In addition, technology has improved obstetrics by analyzing changes in patient condition and care thereby preventing delivery errors which are made technologically possible by Pre-birth Obstetrical Clinical Decision Support Electronic Medical Record Systems.

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