Organizational Ethical Analysis


The organizational analysis will utilize a minimum of five external, peer-reviewed academic sources and contain the following sections:

Organizational Ethical Analysis

This is your introduction. Write 100-150 word introductions to ethical analysis here. 

What is the organization and how would you describe it?

Write 200-250 words minimum with 2-3 paragraphs. Describe your chosen organization, what type of product or service the organization offers. When it was formed and how the organization was started.  

Who are the leaders of the organization? Write 200-250 words minimum with 2-3 paragraphs. Describe leadership at your chosen organization. Address the leadership board or executives at the organization. Discuss the organizational structure and any information regarding change in leadership.  An organizational chart if available can be shown in this section. But you have to analysis the leadership and do not just list bulletins. 

Is the organization successful? Write 200-250 words minimum with 2-3 paragraphs. Describe and discuss if the organization is successful or not successful. Why makes this organization successful or not successful. Critical analysis and thinking from your own perceptive of the organization and its success or failure should be addressed in this section. 

How do you determine whether an organization is ethical or not? Write 200-250 words minimum with 2-3 paragraphs. From your own perspective and point of view discuss how to determine if the organization is ethical or not ethical. Discuss any unethical occurrences such as fraud and failure of leadership here. Use what you have learned so far in class to address how to determine if organization is ethical or not ethical. 

Based on your assessment and research, is the organization ethical? Write 200-250 words minimum with 2-3 paragraphs. Write your assessment if the chosen organization is ethical or not ethical? Use your research and analysis to answer this question. Why do you think that the actions outlined are considered as ethical or not ethical?  

What would you change about the organization to make it better, without sacrificing ethical standards?

Write 200-250 words minimum with 2-3 paragraphs. Address any organizational or leadership changes that you would recommend making the organization ethical or not ethical. Do you think that an ethics department or ethics manager might be needed to oversee ethics at the organization?  Address any and all changes that you think are needed to standardize ethics and enforce ethics at the organization.


Write 100-150 words minimum to summarize your paper and close this organizational ethical analysis.

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