Onondaga Community College Interview with Gay and Lesbian Activist Essay

The point of this interview: To speak directly with an agency representative who understands their relationship with law enforcement.Questions should be constructed to allow the person you interview to articulate what works and what doesn’t work. Look through the text to review some theory,depending on the agency you choose. The paper should begin with an explanation of the mission of the particular agency you’ve chosen and what role their relationship with police plays in their day to day operations.

More details on format and so on are at the bottom of the list.

Don’t drag you feet on making a choice. It could take a while before you can get a hold of someone and setup an interview.

AIDS Community Resources


Center for Community Alternatives

Huntington Family Services

Rescue Mission

Vera House/Rape Crisis Center

Drug Court

Elder Support Services

Salvation Army

Gay and Lesbian

CNY Pride

United Way

Syracuse Neighborhood Intiatives, including Asian and Latino ( you need to scroll down the entire page to catch everything!)

Interfaith Works of Central New York

The Syracuse Area NAACP does not have a website but I did find a phone number and address:
Phone: (315)478-0480
Address: 311 Parkway Drive, Syracuse, NY 13207

If you have other ideas, please let me know. Your choice requires my approval. I will not provide the questions. That is part of your job. Carefully design your questions after you begin to digest the content of this course. If you really get stumped and have no idea what to ask, do not hesitate to ask me for some guidance. Use the “Talk with Professor” icon in this module so other students could benefit.

After you complete the assignment, document the interview. You can do so in a question/answer method or in a narrative. Your assignment should also include a thorough analysis of your findings.

Length: About 1200 words

Format: You can edit, rearrange, etc. A word for word account is not necessary. You can summarize each answer if you like. But do list your question. An overall analysis should be included, also.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need more info.

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