NYU Naming Invisible Digital Birth Certificate Discussion

Post B

1. Review some of the advertisements submitted by your peers in Post A.

2. Discuss how well you think your peer’s advertisement (not the product itself but the advertisement for the product) would work in the United States. Justify your thinking. Remember to identify the peer and ad.

3. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) proposes that various tools in the promotion mix can be used to reinforce a promotional message. Use your peer’s advertisement you discussed above. Select two components of the promotional mix and discuss how they could be combined to reinforce the promotional message of this advertisement.

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    POST A

    1. Visit the websites of three global advertising agencies. View some of their creative work. Try to view an advertisement for YOUR COUNTRY (or a nearby country).

    The three global advertising websites I visited were:

    At Ogilvy Pakistan (my country), I found an advertisement that Ogilvy won 1 gold, 1 silver, and 2 Grand Prix awards at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity for last month, titled Naming Invisible Digital Birth Certificate. The “product” being promoted is an initiative for digital birth registration. Pakistan has an estimated 60 million children whose birth has never been registered. The initiative will help millions attain a birth certificate and gain access to medical care, public schooling, and social security. The ad can be found here: https://www.ogilvy.com/work/naming-invisible-digital-birth-registration (Links to an external site.).

    1. Find one advertisement that has been developed for a country other than your own for a branded product (or a product with which you are familiar). The advertisement should be less than 2 years old. Include the weblink to that ad in your post. Explain what promotional message you think the advertiser is trying to convey.

    For an advertisement in another country, I found one in the United Kingdom promoting the Automobile Association. The ad first aired in July of 2020 which was about the same time people were starting to get back out following the COVID lockdowns. I believe this ad is promoting that feeling of the radio blaring and the wind in your hair when you’re driving down the open road with the windows down – that excitement and freedom a person (or dog) experiences when they can finally get out of the house and go somewhere (or nowhere).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au0UW9f3DmY (Links to an external site.)AA Ad.png

    1. Describe the advertisement and discuss several ways in which you think it and/or its promotional effort was customized to the culture of that country.

    According to Hofstede Insights, the United Kingdom’s culture is low in Power Distance, which means they believe everyone should be treated equally. Tukker the Dog is the only character in the advertisement and a character everyone can love and relate to, regardless of their background.The UK culture scores high in Individualism, so the fact that Tukker is by himself and not with a group of friends or family may be reflective of the British individualistic culture.The UK culture rates low in Uncertainty Avoidance and the British are known for “muddling through” and making plans as they go. This commercial definitely seems to be in line with that carefree, go with the flow attitude.

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