Northern Kentucky University Diversity and Financial Monitoring Discussions


1- watch these two videos and answer this question

After doing the assigned reading and watching the videos discuss the importance of diversity, making friendships, and connections as you progress through your course of study. Have you made a friend of an international student? Someone from a different background or perspective than you are from? Why is this important and what will you do now to ensure your success? How will you deal with different opinions and conflicts based upon what you just learned? write a small paragraph of 100 words ( discussion )

2- watch this video and answer this question

After doing the assigned reading and watching the videos discuss your financial plan. How will you ensure your continued success? Is finishing each class you start part of this financial success? How will you balance work, life, and school-related to finances? What did you learn from the material that you will incorporate into what you are doing currently or that you found helpful? write a small paragraph of 100 words ( discussion ) and respond for this student

1- Diversity&relationships with others

I belive Diversity is one of the main things the world revolve around for example like race and ethnicity, culture. I’m a African America women that is what you would pick up from my physical appearance.You also have to be willing to learn basic awareness for cultural competence to learn the background and perspectives of others.But the is stereotypes of other races and cultural,like in the work field for the career path I choice they stereotypes is that its un normal for a women let alone a black women isn’t seen as normal and some what out of place.

2- Nick Bach

Diversity, making friendships, and making connects are all very important if you want to be sucessful. Without making connections and friendships the workplace will feel much more tense, and having a good relationship with coworkers can also improve productivity. Diversity is also very important in the workplace, and it is very important that workplaces are inclusive and accomidating for all of their employees, and will help ensure that everyone feels comfortable and has the equal treatment that they deserve.

3- Finance Discussion

I believe that I’m am really good and managing money but that doesn’t mean I have I don’t have some concerns and my finances that’s why I budget and plan out what I need to pay or save up for.At the moment I don’t have a job so what I do for money is a nonprofit work meaning I get paid that day after the job is done.I really think before I make decisions when it comes to money I honestly don’t need it I won’t buy it.I like to make a list every week to look over what I need to pay for and or buy like things for the house or things for my classes once that is sorted out I put what I want to save a side and then if my parents need anything else and then anything I might want to have it helps to sort out what need to be done then thing I may want because you should always try to treat your self.

4– Nick Bach

My financial plan is to continue paying my monthly expenses while saving money, and to keep pointless spending at a minimum. I will insure success by keeping a log of all of my expenses, and base my spending around that each month. I balance work, life, and school finances by allocating adjusting work hours around how much I need for my expenses, while still giving me enough time to do my schoolwork. I found the tips about cutting out spending that is not necessary very helpful. I often pay for small things that I do not need, and that can start to add up.

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