New England College Community Need Project Proposal Paper

Discussion 2 Assignment and peer response

In this course, you will be required to
submit a Community Need Project Proposal designed to hypothetically
improve some aspect of your community. This Community Need Project will
require you to identify a need, develop an approach to solving this
problem, and create a measure to evaluate the effectiveness of your


  1. What are problems or needs in your community that might lend
    themselves to your class project? Who are the important people within
    your concept? For the discussion this week, please submit two to three project ideas to the class for feedback.
  2. Jacqueline Novogratz and Chef Chad
    Houser from the Momentum Café advocate for providing people with certain
    tools for solving problems. How would you describe their
    approaches? What aspects of these approaches can you potentially apply
    to the problem/need you are considering?

that when we are thinking in terms of our community it does not have to
be the whole city, it could be at your church, at your child’s school,
in your neighborhood, etc.

Here is one example from a small town.
One rural town in New Hampshire saw a need to have trick or treating in
their community. The houses were spread too far apart for kids to trick
or treat in almost all areas of the town. A group got formed “trunk or
treat” in which town’s people drove to the town hall and with candy in
the trunks of their cars and jack-o-lanterns by their cars. Kids could
get lots of candy and those folks could participate in a traditional
Halloween activity. The point of this example is that the problem or
need does not have to be monumental, just something that improves the
life of a community.

Discussion Assignment Words Limit: 300 Words
Peer Response word limit: 200 words for each Student

* don’t forget to include citations for both the Discussion assignment and peer responses


The quiz will be a combination of 10
multiple choice questions (worth 60 points) and one essay question
(worth 40 points). You will see the essay first when you open the quiz.


The quiz is designed to take you
approximately 40 to 60 minutes to complete, but you have been allotted
90 minutes from the start of the quiz. The time will start when you
begin and you will not be able to pause it once started.


Should you use a quote from the text to
support your answer to the essay question, you may use an informal
citation convention: a parenthesis showing the page number, e.g., (p.

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