Network Technologies

Deliverable Length: 3 page Word document with Visio-type drawing

For this assignment take a look at this old IP addressing scheme used in a network and develop a plan for IP addressing that will make more sense for a company’s growth.

XYZ Company has experienced solid growth over the last 4 years and currently has 14 employees. They expect to add an additional 25 employees and will need a different IP network to accommodate the expected growth. The expected growth total of IP devices is 62 that includes printers per department. It also includes IP addresses for wireless access points used by outside sales during in house meetings and also for vendors. Security is an issue so there should only be enough IP addresses to cover up to 62 devices but absolutely no more. For this assignment develop a plan with a new IP addressing scheme that makes more sense for the company’s growth.

The IP scheme is currently employing a static IP arrangement and management would prefer all personal computers, printers and peripheral devices to be assigned dynamically. The current IP addressing subnet is The assignment is as follows:
  • Design a new Class C non-routable network and subnet that will allow for future expansion dynamically while addressing security without manual intervention.
  • Specify the strengths and weaknesses of the current IP subnet.
  • Specify the strengths and weaknesses of the replacement IP subnet.
  • Use any IPv4 subnet calculator found on the Internet to calculate the IP addresses for the new devices.

See enclosed diagram:


The company’s current addressing scheme is not hierarchical and does not allow for future expansion.

For this project, you will prepare a network IP-addressing Word document and a Visio drawing, which includes the following:

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Review the Request For Comment 1918 concerning private Class A, B & C networks

  • A title page
  • An introduction to the contents of the report
  • A discussion of the current IP addressing scheme and its weaknesses
  • Considerations involved when designing an IP addressing scheme for a subnetted network
  • Documentation of your proposed addressing scheme and how it relates to the overall infrastructure of the network
  • A References page



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