Need an research paper on security plan: mecklenburg county courthouse. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on security plan: mecklenburg county courthouse. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Physically, the building is triangularly shaped and located at a road junction of East Third Street (South McDowell), East Fourth Street (South McDowell) along 324 South McDowell Street. Other neighboring buildings include Mecklenburg County Court Services block. A Security Coordinator will be responsible for the implementation of the security plan designed for the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. This is because security issues are sensitive such that a complete department may be necessary to be created (Mathur, 2003, p26). Trained security professionals will carry out the overall management and implementation oversight for the program, which necessitates the hiring of professionals. The management board of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse may alternatively train their own security officials. The main office in the security plan is the Security Coordinator whose responsibilities will include. ensuring security program is followed strictly, evaluate security measures, formulate remedies to security threats, linking the security department with state security personnel, organizing hiring and training of security staff, ensuring internal security standards are updated and ensure efficiency in delivery of services and security intelligence at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. The Security Coordinator at Mecklenburg County Courthouse will first analyze the security condition of the entire building and identify high-risk areas of the building. High-security areas of the department will be identified, for instance, the departments with most security breach incidences or areas with far-reaching effects in case a security breach occurred. Such an assessment will entail a one on one assessment of all the units inside the building and determine the source of the threats. External and internal sources of security threats will be classified accordingly for all the areas.&nbsp.

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