Need an research paper on sales development and merchandising. Needs to be 18 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on sales development and merchandising. Needs to be 18 pages. Please no plagiarism. In this report, many real-life examples are stated that are taken from Charlotte Street hotel to make the concepts more clear and simple. Charlotte Street Hotel is a comparatively young hotel, which was opened on 5th June 2000 and is located at 15 Charlotte Street, North Soho. The hotel was outlined by Kit Kemp, who intentionally needed the configuration of the inn to reflect dynamic contemporary London. The hotel has 52 rooms and the entire hotel and its spacious rooms are outfitted with a 20th-century contemporary look and Botero sculpture. The contemporary look and fascinating artwork are reflecting the efforts of popular British artists Roger Fry, Alexander Hollweg, Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell. The media is in the neighborhood of the hotel, as it is located just north of Soho. The leafy Sogo Square is located on a walking distance and also theatre district and financial center are just within its reach. It is encompassed by some best bars, restaurants and cafés in London. On the ground floor next to the hotel entry, Oscar Restaurant and Bar serving British cuisine are located, which are serving the hotel. Throughout the summer season, the bar remains open onto the local street where most of the media professionals are making their way to the bar. The ground floor also contains two spacious drawing rooms, a screening room that could accommodate 75 people on its smooth Ferrari leather seats for showing films at night, a library, a fitness room and two meeting rooms on the lower ground floor. The hotel has a number of facilities to offer comfort and convenience to its customers during their stay. This is no doubt a perfect hotel for families, couples and friends. Moreover, one can even reserve this place for a wedding ceremony or any other sorts of gatherings. (Charlotte Street Hotel). A product is a tangible item that is manufactured to sell to people on their demand.&nbsp.

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