Need an research paper on restaurant visitors impression on the customer service. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on restaurant visitors impression on the customer service. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. We took several minutes to survey the restaurant atmosphere before dessert was served. While construction was underway outside the restaurant, the inside was still quiet, no music, only some slow talks going on from various corners. The Westside highway outside the restaurant was also quite, and there were generally not much going on. The light in the restaurant was sufficient, not too bright and not too dark.&nbsp. The stackable settee and dining tables completely transformed the void space into a distinctively inviting destination (Stringam & Jr, 2012). Fascinatingly, there were two menu options. Taste of Autumn Menu and Regular Lunch Menu. The names on the menu told stories about the dish and we could easily make a decision on what to order. It was a chance for us to control our destiny. We cherry-picked the Taste of Autumn Menu as it was considerably inexpensive, and we could certainly meet the cost while relishing the occasion. It only costs $28 for a 3-course meal including appetizer, entrée, and dessert. This was far from my expectation as I had hitherto approximated it to be $100 or more. this further decked the circumstance.&nbsp. The calm environment was fascinating, and we decided to start sorting ourselves. For an appetizer, my friend ordered King Oyster and Avocado Carpaccio while I ordered Salmon Sashimi. Afterward, sandwiched bread was served, and the attendants were always there to clean the table once we were done with any eating session. The appetizer was quite scrumptious and we got sedate with the occasion. It was then time for entrée, and the graced tables and the Chinese napkins were to be messy momentously.&nbsp. After a critical look at the menu, my friend ordered Bouchot Mussels while I settled for Perry St Friend Chicken. My friend was supplied with entrée knife, entrée spoon and entrée fork for the mussel while I was offered a fork and entrée knife to aid in the consummation of the chicken. After entrée, all the tables were cleared, and only the beverages were left on the table. &nbsp.

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