Need an research paper on reading and writing experiences throughout life. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on reading and writing experiences throughout life. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. In my learning of English, I encountered various issues that challenged me in my schooling especially the circumstances in which I had to take exams in English, which was not my native language. In the process of learning, I understood the importance of literacy in any language and its relationship with academic performance. Learning English to me started in my childhood in my elementary school where I was supposed to take some class subjects in English language although I had insignificant knowledge about construction of sentences in English. In order to start my learning in the language, I invested time to understand the most appropriate ways of getting to understand the language so that I could follow the example to gain competence in its usage. I first understood that it is important to have an experience with the environment in which the language is spoken so that I can learn the way the competent were using the language. This was important because as many people interacted in their communication, there were aspects of the language that I acquire through staying with them which could be not necessarily found in the teaching syllabus, which I had to go through. Some of the things that I learnt through experience with those who knew to speak in English could have taken long to learn if I had to follow the process of the syllabus. In essence, the experience with English speakers speeded up the process of learning the language in the aspect of speaking but also I realized that I needed some skills in reading and writing the language. This is because even after I learnt to speak some English, I had difficulties in reading and writing in the language because I had numerous errors writing the language. My reading in English language started with understanding of the alphabetical codes that are used in constructing simple and complex word. This was important to me because the words that appeared in the English language were made of alphabets, which produced varying pronunciation, which could confuse me if I was to write a dictated passage. The understanding of the alphabets enabled me to have a good understanding of sound in English language that were important in differentiating words that could appear to have slight differences in the alphabets that sound almost the same. Through the interaction with the alphabets also, I was able to understand the various the different issues that can make some letters of the alphabets to be silent in a word which would influence how to written them from a spoken statement. I received valuable learning support from teachers that could elaborate the different ways of constructing words and sentences in English so that I could be able to enhance the study of language. The teacher helped me to construct grammatically correct sentences and later taught to combine the different sentences so that I could form meaningful paragraphs that could communicate some necessary information in the course of learning. Throughout the time the teacher taught me to combine different sentences that could be used meaningfully, I used to interact with other people who had experience in English and engage them in simple discourses that were able to advance my skill in the spoken language.

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