Need an research paper on organizational mentoring evaluation plan. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on organizational mentoring evaluation plan. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Evaluation of the mentoring program provides a base through which strengths and concerns of the delivered program will be identified. Restaurant and Catering Association needed the tools to measure the effectiveness of its programmes, systems, and processes as it was initiating a large-scale mentoring initiative. The organization has 950 employees of which 50 are in upper-level management, 150 are supervisors and 750 are hourly workers. The organization has over recent years recorded a low employee performance and it has not been able to provide adequate satisfaction to its employees. The organization, therefore, felt the need to deliver a mentoring program so as to help employees improve their performance by carrying out their duties in the right way. The organization also believes that the mentoring program will expose the junior employees to the upper-level employees who have the better experience and have developed the right skills required for the job. Restaurant and Catering Association experienced high levels of employee turnover. The organization recorded gender, racial and cultural diversity as this aspect is believed to be necessary for any organization that needs to be competitive and deliver quality services yet it could not motivate its employees who are from all backgrounds to give their best performance and to reach out to diverse customers. This is the reason that prompted management to deliver a mentorship program as it was regarded it as a mechanism that would enable to create a great workplace. This situation was of great concern to the top- level employees as they realized that the organization would lose most of its customers since it was not providing them with quality and satisfying services. Management, therefore, saw it necessary to build a crucial network for the employees to help them develop new skills as well as improve their knowledge.

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