Need an research paper on music use in the dark knight rises. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on music use in the dark knight rises. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. Psychologists and neurophysiologists have offered invaluable insight regarding the effects of music on the audience and this knowledge is incorporated in the movie-making process by contemporary movie makers (Lin, et al., 2013). The following case study evaluates the use of music in The Dark Knight Rises, a modern film that embraces this phenomenon, by analyzing the suitability of the movie’s soundtrack in relation to the functional attributes of music in films. This case study specifically reflects on the use of music in this film in relation to the cognition and emotional effects on the audience. Music in films has been studied by many scholars and film theorists in various contexts and regarding various issues over the years. The most significant studies have been spurred by insightful psychological studies that showed that music in films significantly influenced and /or affected the viewer’s film perception, interpretation, and even remembrance (Boltz, 2004. Auer, et al., 2012). Other studies have focused entirely on the emotive effects of music in films with reference to accompanying movie scenes (Ellis and Simons, 2005. Payri, 2009). The main significance of these studies to moviemakers concerns the relationship between music and viewer cognition (Lundqvist, et al., 2008). Depending on the effective integration of music in a film, the soundtrack can play a significant role in capturing the viewer’s attention and also in aiding in the film’s interpretation which achieves the primary motive of movie making which is optimizing the viewer’s watching experience (Boltz, 2001). One of the main techniques employed by contemporary filmmakers is to integrate a music track with an ongoing scene in a film in a bid to influence the viewer’s emotions (Boltz, 2004). The moviemaker usually employs a number of techniques to enhance this effect which can include tonal variations or dissonance.

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