Need an research paper on mouthwash advantages and disadvantages. Needs to be 19 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on mouthwash advantages and disadvantages. Needs to be 19 pages. Please no plagiarism. The mouth is known to harbor microbial organisms which result in fouling breath after digesting food particles. Microbial activity is known for causing oral complications such as tooth decay, gingivitis, and bad odor. Therefore, man has continually developed mouthwash with capabilities to go beyond basic cleansing of the oral cavity. Mouthwashes are made to provide anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, as well as fluoride properties, to ensure dental and oral health. These capabilities have led to the increased popularity and widespread use of mouthwashes. For example, oral medical procedures such as tooth extraction necessitate the need to use mouthwash as a form of disinfectant. Consequently, manufacturers are producing a wider range of mouthwash to cater to the growing market segment and demand. However, mouthwash brands have also generated widespread concerns regarding health implications on the users. Many medical and media sources have attempted to find the link between, oral ailments such as cancers and accidental poisoning and mouthwashes. Common ingredients of mouthwashes include fluoride, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, iodine, and mint, fresheners, and edible oils.&nbsp. The Chinese are some of the earliest documented users of mouthwash that dates back to as far as 2700 BC. The Chinese are known to have used mouth rinse to treat oral conditions such as gingivitis. Ancient Egyptians also valued hygiene and apart from cleansing their bodies, also used a wide range of locally available products to enhance oral hygiene. For instance, paintings from ancient Egyptian artworks indicate they emphasized whole body cleanliness. Egyptians are documented to have used sodium carbonate to cleanse their mouths. They also made use of cumin, water, and honey solutions, frankincense, and goose fat to keep their mouths fresh (CPS Magazine, n.d.).

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