Need an research paper on media content analysis just go with it. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on media content analysis just go with it. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. Media Content Analysis One of my favorite hit movies that starred the famous comedian and actor Adam Sandler would be “Just Go With It”. In the heatof chick flicks and feel-good movies, this Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston pair up has really brought their avid fans to the movie houses and even earned them new ones. This movie is positioned as a friendship, couple, and family movie that will definitely make them leave the movie house with a smile and hope for a better and happier life. “Just Go With It” is basically a story of a hopeless romantic surgeon (Adam Sandler) who has always had no luck in love, especially when his own bride-to-be ran away from him on their wedding day. Ever since, he feigns unhappy marriages to get women without having to deal with complications and heartbreaks. The only woman who knows the truth about his life and his schemes is his assistant (Jennifer Aniston), who is divorced and with two lovable kids. Their relationship as friends and workmates took a turn when Adam asked Jennifer to pretend to be his ex-wife, just to give way to Palmer’s request, the current girl he is dating, to meeting his family and kids. They even went as far as taking a trip to Hawaii as a family, including Palmer to prove that they are a happy family and that everything with Adam and his “ex-wife” Jennifer is over (Just Go with It, 2013, January 12). However, while they were playing these “make-up” roles, Adam and Jennifer’s real chemistry and feelings towards each other was ignited especially when both realize the many things they like about each other and how they can’t imagine being without each other. In the end, both decide to take a leap of faith and try to nurture what they have, realizing that they were both chasing the wrong things that was making them not completely happy in life (Just Go with It, 2013, January 12). Analyzing this media content, I would say that one of its potential effects on the audience would be to spur utmost positivism not only towards romance or relationships but in life in general. Starting from the character of Adam Sandler in the show, I would say that his character is treated like a brand which is positioned as one who can get away with anything using his wit and humor. In order for a brand positioning to work, it needs to influence the decisions made towards that certain brand, in this case, was consistently carried out throughout the movie (Clifton, R., 2004). Despite his rejection from his supposedly wife-to-be because of his ugly appearance, he used that experience to rather excel in the field of plastic surgery in order to help himself and other people who are being judged to give a sweet revenge of looking good to make them want them back. Aside from that, he used his wealth and “undefeated-like” attitude towards life to attract people to him, from clients, friends, to girls he wants to date. One aspect of the brand positioning of “Adam Sandler’s” character would be how his character strongly shapes the whole customer experience of the movie, which is focused towards the audience. Based on past learning, brand positioning should be based on a clear awareness of what one wants a brand to stand for in order to achieve the end goal which is to give a favorable customer experience (Clifton, R., 2004). Applying this in Adam Sandler’s character which is a major role, I would say that having a strongly positioned character enabled it to pull the movie together, achieving the happy-go-lucky feel. This whole experience is supported through how the other characters are influenced by his personality and aura, such as how Jennifer Aniston, an uptight mom who would always choose her comfort zone was able to go on an adventure she never expected to do, including taking a leap towards nurturing the chemistry she has with Adam. “Just Go With Its’” effect on its audience that …

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