Need an research paper on local area networking technologies. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on local area networking technologies. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism. The only modern technology the stadium has adopted is the Closed Captioning Devices and the banner signs light-emitting diodes display. The closed captioning devices are designed for deaf guests and they normally operate via mobile phones. The devices transmit the signal through the stadium public address system. The only downgrade of the closed captioning technology is that the guests access the sever site ( by using their own mobile carrier network. The stadium management has not provided a network connection within the arena. This project entails about installing a local area network infrastructure for the stadium, in order to support the lifestyle of sharing rich content among friends using smartphones as well as to counteract the closed captioning connectivity problem, the network connectivity will also reduce the areas covered by an access point when guests try to access the internet by providing high capacity and stable services. The LAN Network required for the stadium should be highly secured by keeping the stadium’s own data and the guest’s data separate as well as offering secure wireless connections to the event organizers in the stadium. The ideal network should also be accessible through mobile phones or tablets. The works stadium¬ís work stations should effectively communicate with one another without the requirements of accessing a gateway. This will be done by ensuring that the IP connections are established in the ARPing and packets be directly sent to the required station. The Network will be defined using the Virtual LANs whereby the different access points in the stadium will have a switch port embedded in the various switches as shown in diagram 1. By doing this, the administration server and the guest server will be separated without using the routers. In this design, a virtual LAN will be distributed across the network. From the diagram, the path VLAN B will connect to a single broadcast domain.

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