Need an research paper on introduction to it security management. Needs to be 14 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on introduction to it security management. Needs to be 14 pages. Please no plagiarism. Having your inbox fill up with useless messages that promote fake designer goods, bogus get-rich-quick schemes and insinuate that you need to improve your love skills is not fun. Spam has a large impact on the users and it has up to 94 % of threats to the end-user in the email. Spam tends to be of a bigger problem besides filling a lot of junks in the email accounts. it is also harmful. Besides some spammers do nothing more than direct you to websites to try to sell you things with least of your concern, there are spammers which include malicious links in their email that when clicked on will download spyware, malware or other harmful files into the system, which poses a greater threat to the users as well as to the whole company. (Darmanin 2009) A virus can copy itself and infect other machines within the system without the user even knowing that the system has been infected until disaster strikes. Whenever a virus hits one user in the system, it multiplies via the files transferred from one user to another, this leads to the whole station being infected and then the whole system being infested through its networks. The virus can also spread via email, instant messages, an intranet and other shared networks causing networks and workstations to overload and crash. They can also capture keystrokes which are where the problem of security lies because passwords and banking details can be revealed in this manner. (Darmanin 2009)Viruses can cause major security risks and start a cycle of problems for the organization Malware comprises a variety of malicious software types such as Trojan, worms and spyware which will infiltrate your machine without you even realizing. Once the machines are infected it could easily spread to executable files on other workstations on the network thus causing an IT epidemic. Whilst some spyware, botnets and keystrokes loggers all have malicious intentions as they take control.

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