Need an research paper on information security. Needs to be 22 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on information security. Needs to be 22 pages. Please no plagiarism. Supporting different categories of software plus combined hardware and software products as well as services designed for IT security, providing a portfolio of data security, network security alongside other management solutions. A large portion of the network security solutions offered by the company comply with the manner of operation of an NXG platform, that offers an integrated security architecture. centralized and real-time security updates. central enforcement and management of security policy. The company also provides a host of solutions that target data security. This is attained through the Pointsec product line, capable of protecting and encrypting sensitive corporate data resident on PCs plus other mobile computing facilities. Check Point’s Open Platform for Security (OPSEC) framework permits clients to expand the capabilities of the company’s services and products whilst enhancing integration with top-level hardware appliances as well as third-party security software utilities. The particular services and products offered by the company include virtual private network (VPN) and firewall gateways, VPN and firewall security appliances, end-point security, subscriptions for real-time security updates, collaborative business enterprise support and enterprise-focused support. Checkpoint has up to 500 employees with the following departments: Executive, Accounting, Administration, Network Development, Network Management, Human Resource Management, Production Database Management, Software Development and Marketing. The IT facilities owned by Check Point encompass web servers, SQL Accounting servers, DNS servers, File Server, Microsoft Exchange Mail Server, Active Directory Main Controller, Proxy Server, Share Market Analyzer Server, SMS Server as well as CRM Database Server. Additionally, the LAN or WAN connections that form the operating environment for the aforementioned servers will be treated as IT facilities.

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