Need an research paper on hulse war letters. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on hulse war letters. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. The researcher states that it is rather interesting to recreate the life and customs of military people a century ago. The most horrible part of reading for me were descriptions of the behavior with wounded enemies. It was the most ghastly part of the business that “wounded have so little chance of being brought in, and if the heavy fire is kept up, cannot even be sent for”. Moreover, unfortunately, even those who had a chance to survive were killed as soon as they fell into the hands of the enemy. Still, some exceptions occurred before Christmas, when Germans began to “treat prisoners well and did all they could for wounded”. Hulse writes a lot about mutual assistance between civilians and the military, who largely helped, though “almost every single farm near their trenches was knocked to atoms and blown to pieces and just a few poor old cows were wandering about with nothing to eat”. It proves, that not everybody could be saved. Hulse writes about some of his dead friends whose relatives were glad that their death was heroic. For instance, while saying about “grand old man” Bobs, Hulse admits that “it was a great thing that he not only saw the war, against which he had warned so long and so ardently, but also died within the sounds of the guns of one of the most fiercely contested fights which there have yet been”. The lack of military skills was one of the reasons to regret. Hulse writes to his mother, that he regrets “not being able to talk German, as he had heard conversations in their tranches which would be great to report” if only it would be understood. Moreover, people at the front suffered from the lack of information. This opened up great opportunities for propaganda.

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