Need an research paper on hitlers table talk. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on hitlers table talk. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. He talks about negative feelings of hatred and repugnance towards Jews and Negroes or black people which portrays inhumane traits about his character – it merely goes to show that his hatred towards different kind of people within a society living together was irrational simply because he never was able to understand the kind of strong impact that such a diverse society could have on each other as well as rest of the world, and the kind of harmony that it could bring about by unifying itself. America today is one of the most diverse and developed countries in the world – something that goes against Hitler’s ideas of a perfect state. There have been many philosophers and critics that have denied Hitler of being Christian. he often spoke against the Church and the religion of Christianity as in his comments in the Table Talks but despite this, there are many proofs of him being a God-fearing Christian and many also state that his comments were merely a ruse for the Nazis. He wanted to create a reign where he was the man that people would fear and feel terror when they heard of him. he desired to be the omnipotent figure in the lives of all the people around the world and thus created propaganda of hatred towards Christianity as a religion. However, there is no evidence of him creating a ruse but there is a reference in his other writings and manuscripts about him having faith in God and intertwining and basing his Nazi beliefs upon ideas of Christian theism. From his words, one might be under the impression that Hitler believed Christianity to be a disease inflicted upon&nbsp.the people and that it should end as fast as possible, however, in another literal translation from his talks in German, it boils down to this: “I have never found pleasure in maltreating others, even if I know it isn’t possible to maintain oneself in the world without force.

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