Need an research paper on expressive characteristics of five-color parakeet. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on expressive characteristics of five-color parakeet. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. The paper also presents a contextual analysis of the work based on formal analysis and library research, positioning it in its socio-historical context. Since the beginning of the early Tang, the Sung emperors were interested in having an official or unofficial Painting Academy. Hui-Tsung, being an imperial painter himself, made active efforts in influencing the rise of the new techniques in paintings. His great stress on the Sung Painting Academy developed a new style of paintings that dominated the aesthetic values of the entire Southern Sung Period. This style has its own hallmarks as the paintings were done with realistic nature by providing greater attention to the minute details coupled with meticulous execution. Furthermore, there was a prominent concern for the visual representation of the objects in a variety of textured surfaces. Among the important subgenres of the Sung Academy paintings, the ‘flowers and birds’ was a notable one, into which this particular painting of Five-Color Parakeet falls. This realistic artwork of Parakeet exemplifies the emperor and his court’s desire for elegance and precision in their artworks. The expressive characteristics of this painting show an obvious enchant in the ability of the painter to deliver a realistic representation of the objects and elements, particularly the bird and the flowers. The bird in the painting is painstakingly rendered with a newfangled style of that period which reproduces the bright and varied shades of the Parakeet in an awe-inspiring manner. The painting has a lucid and precise approach that provides detailed attention to the visuals imprinted. The bird and flowers in the painting are overlaid on a small vignette of the textured landscape. The bird is painted without outlines, except for the beaks, which means the entire bird is painted with colour strokes and textures, including its soft fuzzy feathers.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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