Need an research paper on exporting products to china: understanding the cultural environment for chinese biscuit consumers. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on exporting products to china: understanding the cultural environment for chinese biscuit consumers. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. In this context, marketing strategies, product innovation, extensive distribution network and effective marketing would be some of the components of the key winning strategies for a company. The country has demonstrated a steady increase in the import of biscuits since 1993 and also shows substantial prospects for the same in future. Also with improvement in the social and economic conditions it is expected that the country’s consumption of biscuits would also rise (Midnight Croquet, 2002, p.8). The project seeks to present a report to the Marketing Director in Goodman Fielder, an Australian company for assisting in its future export strategies. The purpose is to understand the present cultural scenario existing in China and exploring its suitability for expanding the company’s export policies in the region. This is done through the presentation of a business report, also comprising of a business report proposal. Outline and action Plan In the above context the bakery and cookie market of the Ready Baked Biscuit are taken into consideration for entering into China with their ‘Splits Choc Flake’ product. The unique style of the Splits Choc Flake filled with chocolate flakes can have huge potential in the Chinese market due to its delicious taste and short bread style. The choc flakes can be eaten as a whole or can also be split into pieces providing a great add-on for the social gatherings and parties (White Wings-a, n.d.). The unique taste of the biscuit can be taken just for anything, may it be with tea or coffee or can be without anything. This report is concerned with the understanding of the market trend of the Chinese market by recognizing the consumer trend in the market and finding the feasibility of the selected product in the target market. The lifestyle and social interaction plays a vital role in understanding the taste of the target market and deciding and customization of products is an essential strategy for the firm to suit the Chinese market. In the given context it was found that the Chinese market is not a big fan of cookie and high sugar content food and is also very price sensitive for products in the market due to many players in the market in biscuit industry (Smart, 2010, p. 122). But on the other hand Chinese Cookie segment is growing at a very fast pace than the traditional biscuit industry generating a huge potential for White Wings to introduce its product in the Chinese market through export in the international market (Lamb, Hair, Daniel, 2011, p. 173). For the research report various secondary sources were analyzed to understand the consumer trend of the Chinese market and find the need to customization f the product to enter the market. Reference Lamb, C., Hair, J., Daniel, C. (2011). Essentials of Marketing. Cengage Learning. Midnight Croquet. (2002). Asian Biscuit Market. Retrieved on August 22, 2011 from Smart, B. (2010). Consumer Society: Critical Issues and Environmental Consequences. SAGE Publications Ltd. White Wings-a. (No date). Splits Choc Flake.

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