Need an research paper on event to promote the destination. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on event to promote the destination. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. In modern days, the term event tourism has become popular in the tourism industry. In the event tourism the destination of the events is flocked by millions of people worldwide. This helps in the popularity of the destination in the tourism world and involves the high expenditure of the tourists. The economy of the destination improves with the involvement of the tourists. With the popularity of sporting events, people flock to the destination to view the event and as a result develop the economy of the place. The events garnered a lot of media attention and as a result the people are attracted to visit the place. People may go to the destination to participate in the event or on holiday.&nbsp. Events in the modern world are packaged with a definite concept that appeals to a definite group of people in the world. The tourists have different constraints in the choice of destinations in the world. There are various components in the organization of the events like the media, venue, infrastructure, and the targeted audience. The supply side of tourism should look into the matter of providing the tourists with all the facilities to attract tourists. The events are organized to appeal to a group of tourists. For example, in the case of a sporting event like the Olympics, sports enthusiasts will be attracted. The events are responsible for delivering important messages about the destination. As the events draw the tourists from all over the world, they are useful in providing: According to classical economics, the main function of the tourist destinations is to maximize the utility of the consumers- here the tourists. In the case of tourism, the economics of the tourists work in a different manner. In the case of tourism, the consumers first decide to go to a certain place or destination and then decide to spend in the other activities there. The main aim is to go to a certain destination. The financial constraints are the main consideration for the tourists.

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