Need an research paper on democracy in thailand and myanmar. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on democracy in thailand and myanmar. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Vertical organization within the government to pave way for sharing of political power from the topmost post to the lowest should portray some level of equity in a good political structure enshrined in democracy. The best models of democracies have clear levels of government, to decentralize power as much as possible. The structure of government has offices that operate for the good of the people, with elective provisions for entry into the government.&nbsp. Checks and balances by the public must be available to safeguard it from misuse of power by the few in power. On the other hand, the structure in a model democracy must have some horizontal organization where there must be the main branches of the government. The legislature, judiciary, and the executive are the universally common horizontal organization models in use today. These branches should divide government power and act independently to promote the sovereignty of the people (Cline, 78). Designated government institutions must have the strength to perform their sole responsibilities to ensure that influences from individual parties are overcome for the good of the country. Power must be vested in these institutions and the government must be empowered to undertake its mandate in entirety. Preponderance of power must exist within the governmentÂ’s institutions while maintaining the sovereignty of the people. This means that the government must not be too powerful, either weak for democracy to prevail. Transparency in operation of government institutions ensures the environment is conducive for checks and balances form the public watch. Accountability issues arise when the organization of the government becomes incompetent to handle responsibilities transparently. Supervision and review of government operations is guided by independence in model democracies. According to Dahl (13), economic structure study findings point at the fact that the best examples of democracies are in free capitalist economies. Whether attainment of operational democracy comes before free capitalist economic structure or vice versa is not clear.

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