Need an research paper on class difference. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on class difference. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Social classes in most parts of the world are categorized on the basis of material wealth and political power and influence. People in different social classes are characterized by various defining factors that serve as the key identifying characteristics of that class. The higher a social class occupied by an individual in society, the better their living conditions and life compared to other lower social classes in society. Through the ages, different individuals have used literature to portray the differences that exist in social classes across various cultural and traditional contexts. The use of literature to highlight and discuss class differences in various contexts of society is seen as an elaborate way of creating awareness about these aspects. Literature is a tool that surpasses and permeates across gender, cultural and traditional barriers that are set up by society and it can be used to convey vital messages. Through the various readings in class, there have been illustrations from books that touch on class differences and their characteristics, influences and impacts on society. This paper seeks to discuss class differences as portrayed and depicted by various authors, the context in which these class differences are used in the books. Garcia Marquez’s short story titled A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings tells of a family’s encounter with a strange-looking man with wings on his back. This man was discovered washed up on the shores of the ocean by Pelayo and Elisenda’s children. This family took the man in and gave him shelter in a chicken coop where he recuperates from his injuries and illness. There are various notions of social class in this short story as portrayed by the positions and opinions taken by different characters in the story. According to the tone and tune of the story, it is apparent that the community is largely composed of peasant fishermen and women. This can be attributed to the observed industrious nature and ability to turn misfortunes into fruitful and productive ventures that serve to alleviate their position and class in society. The characters’ industrious nature that is seen in their efforts to make money is a translation of people’s awareness in the importance of wealth and money in order to change their class status. The Pelayo family saw a money making opportunity with the old man with enormous wings, and they started charging 5 cents to anyone who wanted to see the old man. This saw them amass a large amount of money enough for them to build a mansion with nets, gardens and balconies. The same is seen when a woman who is said to have disobeyed her parents turns into a tarantula spider and goes by the name spider woman. In the case of the spider woman, people who want to hear her story have to toss meatballs at the Spiderwoman (Williams 53). Meatballs were her only forms of nourishment thus she opted to take advantage of people’s curiosity to earn a means of survival. Social classes are portrayed to be constructed notions that can be attained as illustrated by the industrious efforts of characters in the abovementioned short story. People recognize the elemental importance of money or wealth in creating favorable conditions for an ideal class. Father Gonzaga can be construed to have held a higher social class that most of the citizens in the mentioned community in the short story.

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