Need an research paper on change model assignment (mgt 435). Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on change model assignment (mgt 435). Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. So, it is extremely essential to improve the decision making powers and planning to cope up with such changes to retain the portfolio in the market among others. Besides, it might also help to improve its brand image and reputation of the organization as compared to other rivals operating in the similar sector. In order to do so, most of the organizations operating in the retail sector desire to undertake an international expansion to acquire a large array of new customers, to increase its range of sales and a profit margin as well. In this essay, the importance of change model is highlighted along with its types as per the terms. This is because the types of change models entirely differ for short or long term processes. Change Models The XYZ Inc, a high-end retail chain selling luxurious ornaments, watches, and hand bags also decided to generate its foothold in a new international market named Shanghai by opening a retail store. By doing so, it might facilitate the XYZ Inc to generate a high range of revenues and ROI along with the enhancement of total sales (Sharma, 2006). Although it is very short-termed, the types of change model implemented for such a type of alterations are described below: Figure 1. Sustainability Model (Sharma, 2006). The above model describes that in order to reflect or maintain the similar sustainable nature. it tries to get engaged in varied types of operations like an expansion into new markets (Shanghai) to increase the total range of sales (Figure 1). This may be possible only due to the excitement to attain a new range of customers and revenues as well. Along with this, the practice of such expansions in Shanghai might enhance the range of a market share and popularity of XYZ Inc (Weiss, 2012). This might help in the enhancement of the brand image and reputation of the organization in the market among other rivals. It might also improve the financial condition of XYZ Inc as compared to previous financial years. Thus, it may be stated that the expansion of XYZ Inc into Shanghai market proved extremely effective for the organization in a long run (Paton & McCalman, 2008). Similarly, in case of long-term and large scale changes, the model to be implemented requires a high level of planning and analysis so that it would surely lead to success. Moreover, a continuous improvement is essential that may be possible only through a constant enhancement of people, equipment, and policies or strategies of the organization. Otherwise, it might prove effective for XYZ Inc to open additional retail stores in the regions like Brazil, Russia, India, and China as the level of competition in these markets are extremely high. So, to retain the portfolio and position in these markets, it is essential to continuously up-date the techniques and equipments of the organization as compared to others (Paton & McCalman, 2008). Along with this, high-end training programs might also be implemented within the XYZ Inc so as to enhance the level of skills and talent of the employees to develop attractive and trendy products (Weiss, 2012). This might only help the organization to increase its range of customers and a profit margin as well as the brand value of its products. So, such types of change models specified below may be used in case of long-scale changes (Sharma, 2006). Rationale for Such a Type of Decisions of the Management Figure 2.

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