Need an research paper on argos management. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on argos management. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. Building consensus encompasses discussion at the initial stages after which proposals are fronted. After the proposal, the issue in question is tested where participants who are pros or cons to the proposal air out their opinion. If an amicable solution is not achieved then the proposal can be modified to suit each party’s opinion. At this stage, the consensus can either be blocked or consented for an action to be taken. A purposeful process of consensus entails clear outlined objectives, the convergence of shared reality and vision, and emphasis on the epicenter of the development. In addition, the building of consensus should be aimed at aligning the strategies of an organization to the vision. This is to ensure that all the objectives of Argos commensurate and coincide with the overall strategy of the firm (Eric, 2012). Besides consensus, it is vital for firms’ Argos inclusive to comprehend and manage change and the impact of the project on the organization. Change pushes individuals, businesses and organizations out of comfort situations. It can be detrimental to those who stick to traditional techniques without embracing the change. In most firms, the management is mandated with enacting changes. Management change more often is met with employees’ resistance. Such a situation calls for the empowerment of the employees since the success of the changes requires the commitment of all the stakeholders. The changes are not only organizational but also human and neither of the two should be looked down upon. Undesired outcomes of changes need to be minimized by careful regulated planning. Effective change(s) is characterized by individuals involved in the change process having a feeling of having won (Han, 2014). Information system (IS) has a significant influence on the growth of the market, business growth, and geographical expansion.

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