Need an research paper on ali: fear eats the soul. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on ali: fear eats the soul. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Apart from galvanizing the entire German film world to a new creative dimension by evolving a novel celluloid language, the movie has facilitated Fassbinder’s elevation to the realms of an international celebrity. Ali: Fear Eats the Soul is often considered as the remake of Douglas Sirk’s film, ‘All That Heaven Allows’ (1955). Though it takes inspiration the celebrated director, Fassbinder’s work remains in its entirety as a genuine piece of art with its intense melodramatic strain capable of succinctly reflecting the social realities and to make a strong impact on the human mind. The euphoric reception to the film on an international level can be attributed mainly to its dexterous use of cinematographic ingenuities in projecting the harrowing human situation against the backdrop of racial prejudices. Furthermore, the film has its engaging tone in projecting the social ostracism that is stamped on the lives of nonentities like Ali (El Hedi Ben Salem) and Emmi (Brigitte Mira). The bizarre old age amorous escapade of these characters is a pointer to illustrate the central motif: social ostracism. The meticulous blend of aesthetic and technical prowess make the social critics so sharp that the viewers are able to actually feel deep in them the evils of flawed social evil ostracism that works many ways to disengaging these pair as though a divine mission is trusted upon them. The story is woven around the life of a middle-aged cleaning woman, Emmi, who falls in love with a forty-year-old immigrant Arab laborer. Their affair ends up in marriage triggering great seismic eruptions of hardcore prejudices which involves racial, social, economic, and language differences. This situation is further precipitated to melodramatic proportions due to the age difference between them that is unsavory to the society.&nbsp.

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