Need an research paper on advanced network management and design. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on advanced network management and design. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism. To manage information security and monitoring back-up techniques, the centralized administrative platform is for better problem solving and management. For implementing the local network for Graystone Industries and the new Caprica and Gemenon sites, CAT 5 cable is the best suitable option. It facilitates both speech and data transmitting and CAT-5 is in the form of turned sets. This cable includes four cable color sets, linking the network node with RJ 45 connections.CAT-5 facilitates up to 100 to 1000 MHz rates of speed in a ‘full-duplex’ method (Category 5 Cable. 2007). The Caprica and Gemenon require high traffic of voice and data, as the organization has offices all over the world. Secondly, the management team and 270+ employees will be communicated within these two offices. CAT 5 will suffice data communication demands of high-end middleware and directory services. However, there is a limitation of installing a switch after every 100 meters within the premises. A router is considered to be a core device in terms of routing data packets to the desired network locations of Graystone Industries. Router joins two or more networks with different subnets, allowing the systems to communicate on an enterprise-level (Peterson, L, & Davie, B 2007). For Caprica and Gemenon sites, a data connection is required, as it can be established by incorporating MPLS over PSTN. Rationally the router develops a redirecting database between Caprica and Gemenon, where it stores all the details of these network locations. For example, the information bundle source and destination are stored in the redirecting database. The system manager can statically determine the system details which are known as ‘static routes’. The powerful redirecting protocol is used for the automated trading information packages with other routers in a system. The selection requirements of the router depending on the system.

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