Nassau Community College College Drop Outs in America Essay

Consider this problem-solution research paper an argumentative proposal: the public is charging you with this task: identify a current problem in education (kindergarten through college), distill the causes and conditions for the problem, and then argue for precise solutions that can be practically administered. In essence, you will be arguing to activate a public policy you claim will be effectual and lasting. Treat this assignment as your opportunity to raise awareness of a pressing educational problem and to issue a call to action that will alleviate and perhaps resolve it. To guide the organization of your essay, follow these paragraph prompts: Intro (i already wrote the intro i will send it i just need the rest on the essay)

Body Part 1 (two to three paragraphs) • You have identified the problem, but now you need to examine the causes: the events, trends, attitudes, programs, policies, and conditions that led to the problem. To propose an effective two-part solution, you will need to carefully identify and address the causes. Causes are usually less obvious than they appear and require database research and investigation. For example, if   SU21 -2- students from single-parent homes perform less well on standardized tests than those from two parent homes, can we conclude that being raised by a single parent is the cause for lower test scores? Or might it be that single-parent homes have lower income than two-parent homes, making these homes less able to provide the tutoring and test preparation needed for successful scores? Mis-identifying a cause leads to misguided and short-acting public policies. Would we solve school shootings by arming teachers? Would we lower college tuition by subsidizing the cost through higher taxes? Would we solve school anxiety by prescribing more medications? Would we help underperforming schools by eliminating all the challenging courses? These wasteful quick fixes are responses to poor identification of the causes. An effective public policy must isolate and confront the precise causes of the problem, which, at the risk of sounding redundant, are not always apparent at first glance. As you uncover the causes in this section, support your analysis with at least one or two quotations and one or two paraphrases using database sources. 

Body Part 2 (two paragraphs) • Here you will argue for a two-pronged solution based upon your rooting out of the causes in the paragraphs above. Your two-part prescription needs to be unique and inventive enough to distinguish itself among the tried, customary policies in circulation today, yet it must be practical and sensible enough to be realistically achieved. Vague and predictable solutions will not work; ones that are precise and functional will. In this section, integrate at least one or two quotations and one or two paraphrases using database sources. Conclusion (one paragraph) • Your concluding paragraph should present a brief summary of your proposed solution accompanied by a statement that asserts its distinct ability to succeed where others have not. Close the paragraph by issuing a warning about failing to alter the current course. Spell out the consequences of retaining the current policy or continuing to ignore the problem altogether. Use an arresting quotation (or paraphrase) here to create a memorable impact.

TOPIC: the research paper is going to be on dropouts as you can see:

In recent years, varying factors have contributed to a rise in students failing to obtain degrees from higher institutions. The epidemic of college drop-outs in America has steadily risen due to an increase in financial and emotional stress. According to an article from The New York Times, “About one in three students who enroll in college never earn a degree.” This statistic has further implications on many American’s job prospects, as well as their overall success in future years. Failing to obtain a degree that goes beyond a high school diploma presents many problems-not just related to employment. Students who don’t complete their schooling are more susceptible to earning less money as well as facing financial burden. These harrowing facts are why I propose two ways to limit the proportion of students who dropout of college in America. Firstly, guidance counselors should be required to take a course that teaches them how to encourage students to pursue majors that they are interested in if they are undeclared; instead of forcing them to take random core classes. This will allow students to be more engaged in their curriculum and therefore less likely to want to drop out. Second, High schools across the country should be more open to advocating for the idea that college is not for everyone. Many high schools pressure 17 and 18 year olds into thinking that college is the only option for them which is not the case. If these young adults are introduced to this idea they will be less likely to go to college and change their minds.

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