Montana State University Healthy View of Self Esteem and Self Perception Discussion

Provide 2 well-developed substantial paragraphs that address the topics/questions that I pose; clearly evidencing your depth of thought and understanding of the chapter/text. By “substantial” I am not referring merely to communication length. I will be looking to see that your posts make a meaningful, thoughtful, and relevant contribution to the discussion. They should display that you invested time and thought into the issues under discussion AND clearly understand the chapter/course concepts by including key terms and concepts (explained in your words).

Joseph Grenny and Crucial Conversations

In preparation for this week’s discussion, please watch the following YouTube presentation by Joseph Grenny, author of Crucial Conversations. I believe the insights he offers will be well worth investing 15 minutes of your time. =) Your thoughts and reactions will be included in this week’s discussion.

Emotions: Feeling, Thinking, Communicating & The Power of Words

There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Shakespeare

We cannot separate our communication and relationships from emotions and the words we speak. Chapter 3 discusses several factors that influence how we express our emotional (145-125, personality, culture, gender, social conventions, social media, & emotional contagion), presents guidelines for expressing emotions, and great wisdom for managing emotions (facilitative and debilitative emotions & irrational fallacies). Language is powerful! We’ve all seen and probably experienced, how language can build people up or tear them down. The authors and Grenny argue that there is a direct link between our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. What do you think? In our personal relationships and work, we influence the people around us, and they influence us!

YOUR TASK: Using specific concepts from chapter 3, 4 and Grenny’s presentation construct 2 well-developed paragraphs explaining the interrelationship of our thoughts, emotions, behaviors and our language. This blending/synthesis requires you to invest thought into the chapters we’ve studied and critically evaluate their inseparable interrelationships. Though the primary focus is demonstrating your knowledge of the current chapters, please consider how emotions and language can impact self-concepts and perceptions. I hope you’re seeing how all the chapters we’ve covered are inseparably interrelated. I’ll be anxious to ‘see’ what you’ve learned.

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