Module 4 Case Assignment; organization

Module 4 Case Assignment
This assignment will offer you the opportunity to explore your particular area of interest in the Human Services industry while
applying all that you have learned to a specific organization, agency or private practice setting. For this Case Assignment, using the
setting/area of interest that you identified in Module 1, Discussion 2, identify an organization that is within that area of interest. In a 5-8
page paper (not including title page, reference page and applicable appendices), complete the following:
Conduct external research on an organization, agency or practice of interest
Share the industry of which the area of which the interest belongs
Provide background information about why you selected this particular setting
Create an organizational chart of the organization (attach as an appendix, which is not a part of the 5 page count). Showcase
the hierarchy of the management team for your program/organization.
Discuss the organizational structure in the main body of the paper
Describe the population(s) that this program/organization would serve.
From a multicultural perspective, which specific strategies around embracing multiculturalism would be
most beneficial for the program/organization?
What specific cultural competence skills would be most appropriate for this organization given the population(s) that they serve?
Develop a communication plan to incorporate and disseminate
Ethical Principles within the organization as well as any potential actions steps you would take to ensure that services are provided at the highest ethical standards.
How would you not only develop ethical principles but also how would you consistently communicate those to staff in your program/organization?
Based upon all that you have learned about the organization, recommend one to two leader/management theories that are most applicable to the organization.
Explain how the theories will add value to the leader/manager of the organization
What additional information can be gained from applying these theories and which theory ultimately makes the most sense to you for this
Writing Guidelines:
Title, reference and appendix pages (not part of the total 5-8 page count)
Running head and pagination
Must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in 12-point Times New Roman
Paper should be proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes

Use APA style format.
You must cite all texts used, including page numbers to avoid plagiarism
Your paper must have a thesis statement and conclusion, which are supported by research and analysis.
Use at least 5 scholarly publications in your paper. You may also use any of the learning resources provided in this course.

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