Module 04 Diversity Management Project – Outline

Your second assignment for the course project is to write an outline of your Diversity Management Proposal. This outline will help you organize your proposal and figure out where more research might be needed. Make sure that your outline includes a clear purpose for your overall proposal, the solution you are proposing, a plan for implementing the solution, and a conclusion. You should also indicate possible sources to back up each point. 

Click the link below to download an example of headings and subheadings to include in your outline. Use this example as a guide as you develop your outline.



Outline for the Diversity Management Proposal

1)    Problem: A thorough description of the problem or opportunity

a.    Include a summary of how your problem or opportunity is a diversity issue (written from the reader’s perspective)

b.    What is being lost if you solution is not adopted?

c.     An analysis of the factors contributing to the problem or opportunity should include answers to questions like:

                                              i.     Who does it affect?

                                            ii.     Where does it impact the business the most?

                                          iii.     When did the problem start and how long has it been going on?

                                            iv.     What are the business implications of the problem? (These implications should be quantifiable and affect the reader’s job.)

d.    Be specific.  Provide numbers or other measures to support your points.

2)    Solution: how will your proposal solve the problem or allow the company to take advantage of the opportunity?

a.    State your solution clearly.

b.    Identify your top three criteria for selecting this solution as the “best” one. (Examples: Timing? Cost? Revenue?) Compare this chosen solution to other less-favorable options.

c.     Consider objections and provide support for your solution before these objections are voiced/considered.

d.    Who needs to be involved in the solution?

e.    How will your solution make the problem you identified better, or what are the resulting benefits? (this should be specific and measurable and address the analysis in your problem statement)

f.      Why must the solution be implemented now?

3)    The plan:

a.    Detail the plan of action or implementation

b.    Set a schedule with specific deadlines.

c.     What resources will you need? Where will they come from?

d.    Review the challenges that must be overcome to implement this plan and make suggestions for overcoming them.

e.    Suggest a control method for evaluating the success of the plan. (How will you measure success?)

4)    Conclusion:

a.    Briefly summarize key points focusing primarily on how the organizational will be better once they implement your solution

b.     End with a call to action

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