MMW 121 University of California San Diego Bridging Religion and Science Discussion

Your task is to explore how two traditions covered in this course can be of value in addressing a contemporary problem.

The two traditions I chose are Buddhism and Christianity. The contemporary problem I chose is the compatibility between science and religion. The following is the abstract I wrote for this project:

The relationship between science and religion has been the focus of many scholars’ attention for a long time. Science and religion are intrinsically opposed to each other. However, science cannot be separated from the ethical and religious presuppositions concerning its operational structure. Among them, the ethics and theories from Buddhists and Christian bring different values and guidance to modern scientific research nowadays. One question about the contemporary issue between science and religion could be: Is modern science compatible with religious thought? This question comes to mind because the core theories of Buddhism, Christianity, and science are in conflict, especially since there have been many major incidents in history in which science and Christianity have clashed. Although most modern people generally believe that religion is not comparable to modern science, a comprehensive review of Buddhist and Christian religious philosophy and ethical knowledge reveals that religion has in fact contributed to modern science. This can be seen in postmodern science and technology, as well as in the theories and perceptions of the relationship between nature, science, and human beings in Buddhist and Christian texts.

Please address the following specific event that shows this conflict between science and religion and refute it. An easy one would be fundamentalism in the United School. Today there is a philosophical debate in which many people who believe in God argue that the opposition between science and religion is an idea produced by the Enlightenment, but that is incorrect. There are some scientists such as Francis Collins who have written books and articles about the compatibility between science and religion. They also have a website called Biologos. For Christianity, you can use many examples of Byzantine and Medieval scholars who were scientists and believers to refute the claim that science is naturally against religion.

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