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Sources: Minimum of five. NOTE: You may certainly use Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media as one source. I’d like you to have some variety, but having a print source isn’t required.

Instructions: Your job in your first argumentative essay will be to critique media coverage of a recent (within the last twelve months) news story. After reading, watching, and listening to coverage of a topic you choose, you will create a composition in which you ARGUE which media source did the BEST job of covering the story. In fact, your thesis should have language which reads something similar to this: “After reviewing the totality of the coverage, X clearly does the best job of reporting the story.”

AGAIN, DO NOT JUST SUMMARIZE THE STORY. YOUR JOB IS TO ARGUE WHICH SOURCE IS BEST BASED ON SUBJECTIVE CRITERIA YOU CREATE. Here’s an example of a good claim which might begin (deductive) or end (inductive) a paragraph: Source x does the best job of incorporating visual elements into the coverage. (Whereas you will most often be working with quotes, this claim actually allows you to paste the visual elements as evidence and to analyze them to prove your claim and thesis.)

Structure: This essay has at least four implied counter-arguments. While you argue which coverage is best, you also have to argue why the other sources do not meet the same standard. Complete this task by creating subjective criteria. You might base your arguments and counter-arguments on items like the following: visual elements, local/national/international bias, background information, quality of interviews, style of presentation, clarity of purpose, etc.

Hints for Success: DO NOT use “101 mode.” Simply put, you are NOT reporting the story. You are evaluating the presentation of the story. Hence try to be a lawyer in the courtroom. Create a clear and convincing case for which source is best.

Final Hints: Remember what we have covered in the modules. Weave together ethos, pathos, and logos. Additionally, go over your list of common errors and use it as an editing tool. Finally, have fun! The reader will respond to your pathos if you do so.

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