1. List four primary ways identity theft can be accomplished.

2. What are the four criteria used to examine in reference to cyber stalking?

3.List four types of computer related fraud.

4.What law addressed breaking into computers used by the federal government, financial institutions, and computers involved in foreign commerce?

5.What was operation ‘Sun Devil’?

6. Who was ‘data stream’?

7.What is ‘Innocent Images National Initiative’?

8. What was the significance of ‘The Sovereign Equity Management Corp’?

9. List at least three modern attack techniques.

10. What are the two common types of privilege escalation?

11. What is horizontal privilege escalation?

12. What is a Worm?

13. What is a Logic Bomb?

14. What was the first proposal for Federal computer crime legislation in the United States that would specifically prohibit misuse of computers?

15. What law extended federal wiretap laws into the domain of the newer electronic communications medium?

16. What law extended federal wiretap laws into the domain of the newer electronic communications medium?

17. The Identity Theft Enforcement and Restitution Act further expanded the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in what way?

18. What was the first legislative attempt to curtail internet pornography?

19. What law expressly targeted theft of intellectual property?

20. What law made it illegal to attempt to circumvent copy protection technologies?

21. What law required libraries and schools to filter content that children have access to.

22. Which is more common with identity theft: targets of opportunity or specific individuals being targeted?

23. Is it legal for state drivers’ licenses to display social security numbers?

24. Someone must physically have access to your credit or debit card to steal the data.

25. What is shill bidding?

26. What is a pump and dump?

27. What is foot printing?

28. What is a brute force attack?

29. What is SQL injection?

30. What is a sniffer?

31. How can sites like craigslist and eBay be used by criminals?

32.Describe one way in which cyber extortion might be done.

33. What is cyber terrorism?

34. What is information warfare?

35. What is one common way the internet can be used in information warfare?

36. What is industrial espionage?

37. What is a simple formula for calculating the value of information?

38.When is a warrant not required?

39. What is one of the first steps in a computer forensic investigation, according to the FBI?

40.What is a CRC or MD5?

41. Can law enforcement officers conduct a search without probable cause or a warrant?

42. What is the first step in any forensics investigation?

43. What should be documented?

44.What is the most important rule in forensically examining digital images?


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