Miami University Chapter 6 Marketing Materials Project


The process taken by firms to sell the items or services that contribute to their revenue is known as marketing. Every firm, big or small, needs to understand and apply the right marketing mix plan to increase sales of the things they create or sell.

The four Ps of marketing refers to the elements of marketing that contribute to the marketing mix. They are as follows:





Each of these characteristics has its own set of variables, and once identified, they provide a framework for advertising your product or service. You must appropriately characterize the product or service you are offering. Its features and how it is presented must be prominent, and then the benefits that can accrue to clients as a result of their utilization must be developed.

You must now select all components of your marketable product or items, including design, quality, packaging, and whether or not to issue warranties (Handoyo et al., 2020). Nimmouh’s Designs has a variety of products to satisfy a variety of clients’ needs at once.

Pricing is the next part of your marketing mix plan that has to be specified since it significantly influences the reputation and branding that your product will produce.

Sales, discounts, rebates, seasonal prices, and other associated markdowns are well-known among shoppers in the pricing strategy. That’s why discounting is a top price tactic for retailers across all industries, with 97 percent of respondents using it. As Nimmouh’s Designs, we will adopt this strategy. New brands can benefit from this pricing strategy as well. In essence, a reduced price is utilized to debut a new product briefly to gain market share. Many new brands are ready to make the trade-off of increased profit for more client awareness to get their foot in the door.

Nimmouh’s Designs considers using both wholesale and retail sales. Retails are always closer to consumers while they can as well buy the goods in bulk in wholesale. Discount is to be offered for the number of goods purchased to attract more customers and promote loyalty. Stock levels are essential to cater to the changing market demand levels and ensure the products are available throughout the seasons.

Nimmouh’s Designs will advertise its products through social media and the internet to reach the targeted consumers at large. The product’s descriptions are to be on every product advert to improve its awareness. This is to be as per the government policies on advertisements.

Before moving on to the promotion component of the marketing mix strategy, you must first settle on these three factors: product, price, and location. These, including the promotion, must be coordinated with the others and impact them as part of the overall marketing effort (Morgan et al., 2018). Promotion of a product is necessary to make potential clients aware of the item’s availability from your company.

This may necessitate a variety of methods and the use of multiple media. The strategies employed for this marketing component are so extensive that constant monitoring of the effect of any plan used on the final sales statistics is required.

The “Place” marketing factor is concerned with a company’s act of ensuring that its items are displayed in a convenient position for customers. The place also serves as a utility type when a customer requires that a business’s product be available in an easily accessible or handy location.

This is accomplished either by moving products to locations close to the consumers or producing things close to the consumers. The benefit of this is that the consumer can buy the product without any substantial logistical hassles. Nimmouh’s Designs will be able to take this into account when developing a marketing strategy.

The worst predicament in which customer service might find itself is when it fails to meet the customer’s expectations. Customers typically want their difficulties fixed in a single transaction without contacting a corporate representative, or they want to deal with a knowledgeable customer care agent if the issue is too complex to be resolved through self-service. We will look forward to catering to all the customer needs at once.

Customers want exceptional customer service to meet their expectations, and as a result, efficiency is the first thing they anticipate (Budur & Poturak, 2021). There are some things that your consumers desire to experience, such as convenience and pleasant service, and there are some things that they will consider sufficient for a positive encounter. When it comes to customer satisfaction, Nimmouh’s Designs will do our best to meet their expectations.


There can be no overemphasis on the need to incorporate the 4Ps of marketing into the marketing plan. When a corporation has completely articulated the 4ps of marketing requirements, marketers must integrate the focus on customer marketing approach, which results in the 4Cs of the marketing mix. These are commodities, costs, transmission, and communication. Once all these variables are in place, it may be claimed that the marketing strategy is complete and positive outcomes from this method may be expected.Introduction

The process taken by firms to sell the items or services that contribute to their revenue is known as marketing. Every firm, big or small, needs to understand and apply the right marketing mix plan to increase sales of the things they create or sell.

1. Create your business’s marketing materials. There are five required marketing items, but your business may also need additional materials. Remember, these materials are the ‘face and first impression’ of your business to your potential customers- it should look as professional as possible!

NOTE: (Links to an external site.) is a great website that allows you to create all of your materials in one site.

Required materials:

  1. Business Card
  2. Brochure or menu ( depending on type of business) Brochure tri-fold template available on the Internet.
  3. Sign
  4. Flyer and/or coupons
  5. Customer Receipt or Invoice

In addition to the required items above, you may want to include other marketing materials that apply to your business. Such as:

  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • T-shirt
  • Appointment card
  • Magazine insert
  • Retail bags
  • Gift Certificate

Important: These components are a critical aspect to your business, therefore, are to be included in your business plan Appendix. See the Grading Rubric for Appendix business plan criteria.

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