Miami Dade College Origin & Significance of my Ukrainian Name Research Paper

Research the origin of your name. Talk to your parent(s), grandparents or other family members that may know something about how your name came to be and look through websites and/or books. You should include your first, middle and last name in this study. Then, think about how your name suits you.

Besides the origin of your name, in the essay answer:

*Are you really a “Mary” or “Bob”? We hear people all the time say “You don’t

look like a ……” Does this fit you?

*What should your name have been if not the one you have?

*Is your nickname a way of creating an image away from the formal/informal

name you were given?

*What image do you project: from your name to your handshake to the clothes

you wear?

You will then turn your research and introspection into a 2 page – roughly 600 word essay.

Your essay should include an introduction, body and conclusion, typed double spaced, 12pt fonts, with your last name and page number at the top right of each page.

Be sure to include a Works Cited page for any outside research you conduct – including personal, phone, email interviews. PLEASE NOTE – WIKIPEDIA IS NOT AN ACADEMIC SOURCE; PLEASE DO NOT USE IT WHEN CONDUCTING RESEACH FOR OUR CLASS. This assignment will combine Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 in our books. Though creativity is always a plus, silliness isn’t. Please don’t invent a funny name because it’s funny. Give serious thought to this assignment.

Essay must include:

  • General introduction before starting discussion of your name
  • Information about your 1st, middle and last name
  • Does your name suit you?
  • Do you have a nickname?
  • Is there another name you would have chosen for yourself?
  • What image do you project from your name to your handshake to the clothes you wear? Use specific details to describe clothing style and handshake.
  • Any other information about your name or image you want to include
  • End with an actual conclusion that wraps up the entire essay

Due:Name Essay – 2 pages – minimum 600 word

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