MGT 201 Eastern Gateway Community College Unit 8 Application of Management Principles Discussion

Unit 8 Discussion

In 2-3 paragraphs, respond to the following. Your initial post should be substantive and be supported by course concepts. Read and respectfully reply to your classmates’ posts to create dialogue and further learning.

How can the concepts learned in this course help you be successful in your personal life and professional life? Be specific.

First peer below

Hello everyone,

Principles of Management was an interesting course. At my current position, as a Secretary in a school district, it is a diversified school district. The school district has different cultural backgrounds that enable it to bring in fresh ideas and feedback for good decision-making. Before making a decision, it is best to speak to others for advice and do some research. Personally, to become an effective leader and role model for others, I must become a better communicator so that others understand the correct direction and motivate my colleagues to work as a team. Some principles of this course have helped me realize that everyone brings different skills to the table, and it’s helpful to learn from one another and be productive at our jobs. These varieties of skills will enable us to better help students and parents understand the goals and objectives of the school year.

It has been great reading everyone’s discussions and learning from everyone the different perspectives and ideas about management. Good luck with your future endeavors.

second peer below

I feel that every dimension of this course helps an individual be successful personally and professionally. A lot of our professional behaviors are built from the foundation of our personal life and experiences. It is important to be able to understand the concepts such as decision-making, communication, ethics and values.

I chose these four because not only are they important in an organization but we are faced with these challenges daily. Our ethics and values will help guide our decision-making. Communication I feel is one of the biggest concepts because it comes in different forms. We need to understand how to articulate orally, non verbally and in written ways to manage different situations. After reading the chapters throughout the semester, it has provided views that we may not have seen before and help to expose the necessity of these concepts. I definitely enjoyed digging deeper in these areas as it will help me to prosper in my future endeavors.

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